Fellow Feature: Siri Chakka

Published: October 7, 2020

The interview series will share more about our Notley Fellows, who are rising entrepreneurs and business leaders in the Austin community passionate about helping to solve pressing issues in the social impact sector.

This week we are featuring Siri Chakka, Senior Manager, Strategy & Planning @ RigUp, and member of the Fellows 2020 class.

Tell us about your purpose or “why” behind choosing to get involved in the social impact space.

Over the last decade in my career I’ve gravitated towards ways of using my for-profit skills in the social impact space to feel connected to my community, pursue areas I’m passionate about, and work on issues that impact a wide swath of people and communities.

What Notley initiatives and/or programs have you participated in through this fellowship?

Because of the Notley network, I’ve been able to learn and help a few different groups. I’m now a Strategic Advisor to Seedlings Mentors, a school-based nonprofit that provides children of incarcerated parents one-on-one mentorship, helping them with their strategic plan and ongoing support to their board. I’ve also helped Naturally Austin, a nonprofit that fosters sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship in the Texas CPG space, with their strategic plan, and now work with Springdale Ventures to help map out the broader landscape.

What has been the most beneficial part of the Fellowship experience for you?

Even with the switch to the entirely virtual environment, I’ve been really enjoying the relationships I’m building within the Fellowship and across the Notley network. It’s refreshing to be around people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences that are brought together with a common interest in using their skills for social impact.

What’s one thing that is giving you life right now?

My routine! Since COVID started, I’ve focused on putting structure and routine to my day to build healthy habits that are sustainable. Eating healthy, working out regularly, and long walks with my friends have been giving me life these past few months!

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

This is a hard one! 5 years from now I want to ascend to a leadership position in a mid-size company where I’m leading teams and making real impact through Strategy. I would also like to have a position on a board of a group that I’m really passionate about.