Denver has a sophisticated ecosystem of nonprofits, foundations and public benefit entities tackling community issues directly. Using our catalytic expertise, Notley was able to fund and support changemakers in this vibrant community.

Denver Changemakers

Notley Changemakers are executive directors/founders of nonprofits making outsized impact in their community. Impact in their city must be their primary focus. Notley facilitated opportunities for Changemakers to learn and expand their impact.

Papa Dia
African Leadership Group

Jami Duffy
Youth on Record

TeRay Esquibel
Ednium: The Alumni Collective

Denver Catalysts

James Iacino
Iacino Family Holdings

Smit Naik
Gary Community Ventures

Ryan Heckman
Rallyday Partners

Craig Jonas


Notley Partners help empower Changemakers by supporting our local programming and events. Join us in generating outsized impact.

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