Rising Tide

Earn 5% Interest On Your Idle Capital

We give nonprofits peace of mind to do what they do best: make impact.

Notley Rising Tide

Why Rising Tide

Rising Tide provides nonprofits a vehicle for predictable revenue growth through a no-risk, guaranteed 5% annual interest return on their idle capital. This helps nonprofits build organizational security by diversifying revenue streams and growing their reserve funds without relying solely on donations.

Highly Liquid

Guaranteed Return

Highly Accessible

“Rising Tide has been amazing for our fast growing nonprofit. We are so grateful for a program that allows nonprofits like ours to use our donations to passively create more impact for the people we serve.”

Jared Walker Headshot

Jared Walker
Founder, Dollar For

“At the Child Poverty Action Lab, we recognize that we will only fulfill our mission if we are committed to being serious about our finances. Working with Rising Tide helps us improve returns on every dollar donated to us without adding any risk or sacrificing flexibility. It is simple, smart, and pragmatic.”

Alan Cohen
Founder & CEO, Child Poverty Action Lab

“Rising Tide has given us the opportunity to go beyond our fiscal responsibility with our reserve funds; our organization is now better prepared to meet daily challenges knowing that we have a safe, growing reserve.”

Frances Deviney Headshot

Frances Deviney
Executive Director, Urban Roots

How It Works


Up to $250,000 to Notley to start your agreement, for a max term of 5 years.


5% annual interest, accruing quarterly, for the duration of the term.


Full or partial loan repayment at any time, for the duration of the term.

How We Compare

Rising TideBank AccountsPublic SecuritiesVenture Investments
Rate of Return5%< 2%VariableVariable
Social Impact
Not Subject to Market Conditions

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