Fellow Feature: Minh Vu

Published: October 7, 2020

The interview series will share more about our Notley Fellows, who are rising entrepreneurs and business leaders in the Austin community passionate about helping to solve pressing issues in the social impact sector.

This week we are featuring Minh Vu, Director of Strategic Programs @ Notley and member of the Fellows 2020 Class.

Tell us about your purpose or “why” behind choosing to get involved in the social impact space.

People can achieve great things in any space, if we better understood each other’s individual stories and our motivations. Being able to dig deeper into those motivations and harnessing that specifically for solutions that will benefit our society was something I wanted to get involved with further.

I’m hopeful that by contributing my experiences as a first generation Vietnamese American and gay man to further the work that the social impact space is currently doing, I can help continue to push progress that ensures those after me, specifically marginalized and underrepresented voices, are able to thrive in all of the ways I know we can.

What Notley initiatives and/or programs have you participated in through this fellowship?

Since joining the fellowship, I’ve been fortunate enough to come on board as a full time employee at Notley, leading and further building out the initiative, Notley Tide. Notley Tide provides and sustains new sources of funding, engagement, and resources for racial justice nonprofits through a community of committed monthly givers.

What has been the most beneficial part of the Fellowship experience for you?

Having the opportunity to connect and develop formidable relationships with like-minded professionals in the Austin area has been so rewarding. It’s amazing to see so many incredible individuals from across different industries come together under a common purpose.

What’s one thing that is giving you life right now?

Being in nature and taking advantage of this beautiful weather! Getting outdoors and recharging in that way has been something I’ve developed a new appreciation for since quarantine.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Continuing to champion the stories of underrepresented voices and encouraging people’s ability to be unabashedly authentic in their truth both professionally and personally. Also I hope to continue to build wealth financially as well as in rich experiences with my friends and family.