Notley/Monitor Austin Issues Poll: Spring 2023

Published: February 15, 2023

This week, Austin Monitor released a poll representing over 400 Austin residents and their take on the most important issues facing our city. The findings were commissioned by Notley and conducted by national pollster Change Research.

The five-part Notley/Monitor poll focused primarily on public safety, housing, parks, homelessness, and local city leadership. Overall data analysis and poll methodology is available for review, and poll results can be found below.

  1. Austinites want more police officers, more accountability
  2. Austinites divided on parking requirements, compatibility and other housing policies
  3. Austinites can’t agree on greatest park challenges or solutions
  4. Austinites want reinstated camping bans on the homeless enforced
  5. Austinites feel disconnected from Council on city priorities

In a society more preoccupied with virality than substance, the Notley/Monitor poll helps to eliminate partisan division and encourage non-partisan discourse to solve the important issues affecting the city of Austin, Texas.

“Local polling is often candidate-focused, internal and conducted in the lead up to an election,” said Joel Gross, CEO at Austin Monitor. “The Notley/Monitor poll series takes a different approach and puts the issues front and center, shares the data with the community and strives to gain a deeper understanding into the state of our community. The results of this second installment show a community that wants strong leadership and has a wide range of thoughts on how to proceed. These findings guide our reporting and affirm our commitment to keep covering and going deeper into these important issues.”

In a city with a rapidly growing population, it is more important than ever to allow space for deeper, data-informed reporting. And, at Notley, we stand by Austin Monitor and their mission to strengthen our shared information space and democracy with you.

“February has been one of the more politically consequential months for Austin in recent memory,” said Tom Visco, VP Government & Community Affairs at Notley. “From critical public safety discussions to the replacement of the City Manager, Austin City Council made decisions this month that will have a lasting impact. The Notley/Monitor poll partnership provides timely data to citizens and policymakers to inform these critical discussions as they evolve. Our hope is that this polling partnership provides the public with a shared understanding of the community’s expectations and priorities to better inform the decisions we collectively make about the future of Austin.

We are less concerned with a soundbite and more so focused on how sharing unbiased data with the community will lead to stronger, more effective outcomes in the long run.

This is the second installment of the Notley/Monitor poll. To learn more about the first installment of the Notley Monitor poll, you can view our recap at Notley/Monitor Austin Issues Poll: Summer 2022.

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