Philanthropitch is a social impact fast pitch competition that provides capital and exposure for local nonprofits tackling some of our communities’ toughest problems. Nonprofits have an opportunity to break out of the cycle of traditional philanthropy and pursue ambitious opportunities for impact.









“Since my pitch in June 2020, the collaborative has grown immensely. We used the tools that Philanthropitch gave us to build out a program that had a clear vision for the future. The collaborative has expanded into three school districts, received more than $5 million in funding from government entities and foundations, and is in talks to expand the concept nationally.”

Talli Dolge
Mobile Mental Wellness Collaborative, 2020 Finalist

“Since Philanthropitch, we’ve onboarded a team of developers and partnered with funders and institutions across the city to accelerate the development of our Virtual PLUS Centers, an all-in-one postsecondary resource platform. … Philanthropitch served as an important catalyst for these new initiatives, and we would not have been able to make so much progress without the seed funding raised from the event and the strategic guidance from Philanthropitch advisors.”

Raymond John
12+, 2020 Finalist

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