HomeFront is a 501(c)(3) focused on accelerating programs which address issues around Austin’s affordability crisis, including homelessness, food insecurity, and unequal access to economic opportunities. HomeFront engages stakeholders to find innovative solutions to Austin’s most critical and unmet needs. Based on sustainability and potential for impact, we provide funding and professional services to accelerate existing programs or pilot and launch new ones.


Leaders from HomeFront and five other Austin groups formed a Leadership Coalition to achieve visible and measurable reduction in unsheltered homelessness by aligning existing efforts and resources and mobilizing new resources.


Over 300 stakeholders convened in Austin at the Summit to Address Unsheltered Homelessness. The Summit concluded with the shared vision to house 3,000 unsheltered persons by April 2023.

“This approach will meet the challenge of homelessness and create dignity for our unhoused residents without pushing them further into the shadows. Government cannot do this alone and great appreciation is due (to) the community partners stepping up to help lead this effort.”

Mayor Steve Adler
on the Summit to Address Unsheltered Homelessness


On behalf of the Summit Leadership Coalition, HomeFront developed a roadmap to transform the Summit’s vision into action.


The Summit Leadership Coalition hit 78% of the $515 million fundraising goal to house 3,000 unsheltered persons by 2023.

Community Pods provided a safe educational environment for the children of low-income families to learn without barriers. They provided internet access, tutors and meals for the entire family in partnership with Central Texas Food Bank. Community Pods ran from September 2020 to May 2021.


family members served


of students passed in school and progressed to the next grade level


families provided with holiday boxes in partnership with BOX and Heritage Title


children provided education space


in Uber ride credits provided for student and parent transportation


families provided with access to rent relief and food support after winter storm Uri

The Humanize mission is to change the way people think about and treat unhoused Austinites. Humanize believes that by matching the unhoused with a volunteer they will be able to connect in a more meaningful way, determine needs, collect data and change society’s views of the unhoused.


  • Partnered with The Other Ones Foundation at Esperanza Community as part of their beta program
  • In the process of training 20 volunteers to partner with 20 homeless participants

“I am passionate about this work because I worked at the Public Defender’s Office as a jail intake clerk and saw firsthand how isolating homelessness can be and how difficult it is to get out of negative feedback loops.”

Claire Cooper
Notley Intern

“The Humanize initiative has come a long way since I began my time with Notley. … I am excited at the prospect of connecting unhoused Austinites with their community in a new way!”

Peyton Rosenfels
Notley Intern

Learn more about homefront: notley.com/homefront

co-founder/president, homefront: lawton cummings
founder, community pods: Tala Matchett