The Austin Monitor is a nonprofit nonpartisan digital news organization with a mission to strengthen the information landscape of their community and democracy. For over eight years, their digital publication has produced focused reporting that shines a light on critical decision-making entities and brings readers deep inside the stories shaping Austin.


  • Over 550K readers in 2021
  • Launched first-ever Strategic Advisory Council, composed of 19 community leaders from the Austin area
  • Launched two free Special Election voter proposition resource to inform voters about major propositions in the May and November 2021 elections, reaching thousands of community members
  • Created the Inaugural Community Leadership Circle to fund the transition from a niche, subscription based publication to a free, community-focused news source
  • Community partnership with Austin PBS’s Decibel Project that conducted a series of community listening sessions and developed multi-media news and resources in responses to community member needs and feedback

“… I LOVE the work [The Austin Monitor] does to inform people about how things work in our city – not assuming that people already have knowledge about the basics. I appreciate [their] work to encourage people to engage- for example, by sharing information about city advisory groups.”

Austin Monitor Reader

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ceo: joel gross