San Antonio Fellows

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Since 2021, the San Antonio Fellowship has equipped more than a dozen emerging leaders with the resources and connections they need to elevate their community impact. We look forward to working alongside our cohort of Fellows to build a broader, stronger community of change makers!

Event Spotlight

Shaping the Future of Digital Learning


“We are so grateful to the Geekdom Community Fund for the opportunity to scale our business by producing our next Montessori- inspired children’s edutainment series about… BEES! We can’t beeelieve it! For this hands-on video series, we will be collaborating with master beekeeper Cecile Parrish of Garcia Street Farm / Eco-Centro and are currently exploring the additions of an animated character and AR extensions. Join us on our journey by following us @bloomingwithbirdie.”

Ashley Bird,
2021 Class

Matching Motivated Teachers with
Highly Successful Teachers


“When the pandemic hit, I had teachers who found me on social media trying to get any kind of advice – everything from mentoring to professional development. I always said, ‘oh there was another teacher that I met and they could probably help’, so I started putting them together. It gave me the idea that this could possibly be a business, and I could match more people quickly if I created the tech to match teachers up with people that can help them immediately.”

Belinda Medellin
2021 Class

$20K Wells Fargo Grant

Chestnut Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation

“What I have loved so much about the Notley Project is how it focused my work on the board at Chestnut Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation (CNRC). Working with the Notley team, I set three clear accountable goals to target throughout 2021: Re-brand CNRC website, Re-launch social media handles, and Apply for and win grants to support our continued affordable housing efforts.”

John William Meyer,
2020 Class