Austin Fellows

Since 2018, the Austin Flagship has equipped more than 100 emerging leaders across 90 companies with the resources and connections they need to elevate their community impact. We look forward to working alongside our cohort of Fellows to build a broader, stronger community of changemakers!

Event Spotlight

Shaping the Future of Belonging at Work

Job Sage

“I had the incredible opportunity to begin working with JobSage from the very beginning- from my previous experience in Product and Operations i was able to be involved in setting up core processes and operations to set JobSage up for success. I additionally was able to use product skills to set up end user flows and aid in creating a valuable user experience for job seekers. Most recently, a fellow Fellow and I were able to create the JobSage ambassador program! I feel like I have gotten to get extremely valuable experience creating such essential parts of such an important organization! I was able to work with thought, experienced Co-Founders who turned into mentors!”

Meghna Thakur,
2021 Class

Growing generational Black wealth through an end-to-end wealth building platform


“As we began to ideate on the launch plan, I helped curate the list of luminaries that would be highlighted in our content. By focusing on the stories of people who represent our community, it made the tactics and strategies more realistic. Now, we have done our first deal and are exploring new investment opportunities including private companies and crypto. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to make alternative investments and I have already seen how those choices have had a material impact on my family. My hope is to use my access and privilege to help Amass become the onramp to wealth creation and community building for millions of people that look like me.”

Harold Hughes,
2020 Class

Secured $20k Wells Fargo Affordable Housing Grant

Chestnut Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation

“What I have loved so much about the Notley Project is how it focused my work on the board at Chestnut Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation (CNRC). Working with the Notley team, I set three clear accountable goals to target throughout 2021: Re-brand CNRC website, Re-launch social media handles, and Apply for and win grants to support our continued affordable housing efforts.”

John William Meyer,
2020 Class