Catalyzing National Change

Our message doesn’t end at Austin’s city limits – our goal is to elevate impact in communities nationwide. We’re seeding pods of social enterprise leaders, nonprofit founders, philanthropists and entrepreneurs – changemakers who both understand their communities’ complex needs and have stakes in addressing them.

Notley connects people with capital, strategic guidance and resources to outsize their impact. We currently operate in three cities across the United States.

Find out how you plug in below!


Austin is our hometown. Our founders, Dan and Lisa Graham, were born and raised in Austin and have been active in the investing and impact communities throughout the city for many years. As Austin has grown, Notley has grown alongside it. We are proud to have supported changemakers in the Austin community since 2013. Our Austin-based team is continually incubating and launching new initiatives, as well as partnering with other organizations and leaders to move the needle on big issues impacting the community.

Georgia Thomsen

Chief Programs Officer

San Antonio

San Antonio is growing, as is their startup scene and impact community. Key programs supported by Notley in San Antonio are the Notley Fellowship and Philanthropitch San Antonio. We are excited to continue supporting strong changemakers in the Alamo City, alongside 80/20 Foundation, Geekdom and other key partners!

Leslie Chasnoff

San Antonio Market Director


In 2022, Notley expanded to Columbus, Ohio. Columbus has an incredibly strong impact ecosystem of leaders, organizers and entrepreneurs looking to build lasting change. Notley has supported Philanthropitch Columbus since 2019. Now we’re collaborating with Columbus impact communities and social enterprises to identify and support the changemakers driving innovation and impact.

Bailey Hanley

Columbus Market Director

Calling all changemakers!

If you are a changemaker, want us to come to your city, or have ideas for us as we expand our footprint, please reach out. We are looking for social enterprise leaders, nonprofit founders, philanthropists, investors, entrepreneurs, and do-gooders. Together we can do more!